EXHIBITION | The Alice Look

[2nd May 2015 – 1st November 2015]

Marking the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Alice Look explores Lewis Carroll’s heroine and her impact on the fashion world.

Although the exhibition is quite small it shows how Alice’s style has been adapted throughout the 150 that her story has been shared and told. Whilst her adventures have influenced designers, stylists and trends,
Alice’s style has also been determined by the period that she is depicted – keeping her both suitable and iconic at the same time.

From the fashion-follower to an ultimate trendsetter, The Alice Look features a brand new commission by Roksanda pattern-cutter, Josie Smith. The ‘Alice’ Dress 2015 borrows its features from Alice’s original pinafore and is combined with the words from Lewis Carroll’s classic. The result – Amazing.

In addition to this mini exhibition, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has also had an anniversary makeover with a limited edition cover, introduction and end papers by Dame Vivienne Westwood, (definitely had to get my hands on a copy of that!)

What’s your favourite adventure story?


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