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FOOD | The Breakfast Club

I’m not one to shy away from food, and like most people these days, thanks to Instagram, when you get that amazing meal that looks good you just want to…

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LIFESTYLE | Summer Songs

It sounds like a line out of a film, but I really feel like my iPod holds the soundtrack to my life – always growing containing the past and the present.…

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LONDON LIFE | [2] The Shards

I wonder if I’ll ever make it to the top……

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EXHIBITION | Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

At the V&A Museum [14th March 2015-2nd August 2015] In Partnership with Swarovski “THERE IS NO WAY BACK FOR ME NOW. I’M GOING TO TAKE YOU ON JOURNEYS YOU’VE NEVER…

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LONDON LIFE | [1] Westminster

Double-decker red buses, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the River Thames and traffic.   Now if this picture doesn’t sum up part of London life, I don’t…

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Well, hi there!

I’ve never been one for ‘about me’ pages so let's keep it short and sweet: I'm 25 (so I guess you could assume I'm going through a quarter-life crisis), London-based, love food, oh, and partial to a rum-based drink... or just the rum tbh.