Juanita by Kaye Ford

Hey! Hi! Hello!

I'm Juanita - a 26-year-old with an extremely impulsive nature. As you may have already guessed (I wonder what would have given it away?!) I'm a Londoner based in 'sunny' SW.

You'll most likely find me painting my nails, sending a ridiculous amount of voice notes or having a casual stroll ducking from all the pigeons.

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LDNGIRL is divided into four main categories

Life – A pretty self-explanatory category really, Life is home to the majority of the content

Thoughts – Every now and then I like to get a little bit deep and this is where the think pieces sit

Travel – Wanders from near and far I’ve made a conscious effort to ensure I travel more going forward

Style – I’m pretty chill when it comes to my style, keeping it mostly lowkey and casual, but if you’re interested in what’s going on in my wardrobe this is the category for you


If you just want to see the latest on the blog, you can find a few of the newest posts below…