Embarrassing Moments #45279

Ever had that embarrassing moment when you run for a bus and just miss it? So you try to style it out and carry on running past it.You vow, there and then, never to run for a bus again unless you know for SURE that you will get on that bus. A couple of days later and you’re right back to running for your buses missing more than you’re actually getting on. The same goes for the train and the tubes. But the difference between the buses and the stations is the signs that warn you about running.

You see them every time, yet you still chose to risk your life and take the chance anyway. I mean what’s the harm right? You
either get on it or you don’t, right?


People get their bags stuck in the doors of trains all the time, so imagine the sheer shock when I got myself stuck in the tube doors. Luckily, it was the first stop and there was no one around.So I was just lurking in and out of the tube in a bright orange jacket trying to wriggle my way through the minuscule gap.

Did I mention it was the first stop and there was NO ONE around, so I was on my own wriggling with no help?

I would describe this situation being similar to a fish out of water; just flapping around but with less movement because the doors were so restricting.

Eventually I squeeze through and the doors close, YES I made it inside with no pain… bag and all! Then they open again! So why couldn’t the they open the doors when I initially got stuck? Outrageous. Never again shall I run for the tube.

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