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I’m not one to shy away from food, and like most people these days, thanks to Instagram, when you get that amazing meal that looks good you just want to show it off like ‘Yep, that’s my food!’ 

The Breakfast Club SW11 

American style
diners and restaurants are two-a-penny around London these days so,
seeing as it is a Sunday, I decided to treat the marge and pa to a Sunday
brunch – Breakfast Club style.Now, America is
famous for it’s super-sized…well…everything, and The Breakfast Club is
no different. I highly recommend you go there with the mentality to plan
you day around the fact you won’t be moving much after your meal.

It’s a quirky little cafe with a few
locations dotted around the capital, but word of mouth definitely helps expand
the clientele. The menu itself offers a wide choice for everyone; but, be
warned, as you may have a little/long wait to even see it, as many locations
are prone to large queues (it’s so worth it).

The Breakfast Club Hot Chocolate with MarshmallowsThe Breakfast Club Half Monty BreakfastThe Breakfast Club Menu

What’s your ideal breakfast?


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