365 days summed up


On Tuesday 28th July 2015 I’m going to be 22. It’s amazing how quick a year has gone; it’s also kind of scary in so many ways. Where is the time going?! The hours go so quick and the weekends fly past, next thing you know it’ll be September again and you’ll start seeing all the school kids back out.

So what’s happened in the last year?

Graduation day
We made it (frizzy hair and everything)!

I GRADUATED the day after I turned 21, and then left my job a couple of weeks after that. It was in retail; nearly everyone goes through that stage for his or her first job. I was there for almost two years and had taken everything they threw at me with a pinch of salt just to keep a permanent job through uni. So when it was over at the beginning my patience depleted instantly. Then when they told me I couldn’t do a Digital Design course I wanted to do in the evening I handed in my notice the next day.

I WILLINGLY ENROLLED ON A COURSE for Digital Design in Print and Web Level 1. (I passed with flying colours, of course, and I’m enrolling for Level 2 this week). I also met this crazy girl who is like me so we’re forever cracking jokes.

I WAS TEMPING from the beginning of September 2014 until Wednesday 1st July 2015. Temping was the easiest way to gain some admin skills, which are actually transferable unlike retail – they don’t ask for much of an admin assistant. So I ended up working in two hospitals, HR assistant in one school and back to admin assistant in a second. The last job included me making teas and coffees for meetings. (I’m pretty sure they came out rubbish because I don’t drink tea or coffees so have no idea how it needs to be made).

I ALMOST STOPPED TRYING to find a career and settled for a job. The last primary school liked me even with my poor drink making skills and asked me if I would stay. I said yes if the role was advertised I would apply. After endless unsuccessful job hunting I was still praying for a career job when I saw a graduate fair at Kensington Olympia. Armed with some CVs and smart attire I headed down there full of hope. I was only there for 30 minutes when I saw an advert taped to the wall for a media agency. I dashed round and they were lovely! The talent manager said she would call me to come in for, what I found out after the event, interviews.

Successful interview

I GOT MY FIRST CAREER JOB and was dreading in telling the primary school I would be leaving the following week. Even though I was there through a temp agency they had all warmed up to me so quickly and treated me like I had been there for years not a months. When I told them I was told they were in the middle of writing up a job description based on my skills and the role I had performed; awkward.

So here I am, almost 365 days later, and I don’t think I would change a thing… including the ups and downs. If I hadn’t been temping for the year I would never have been able to go to the fair and find this jobwhich I’m loving – my team is like a mini family and everything is so chilled. I probably wouldn’t be so determined to blog either. Finally, not only can I see the light but I can feel it too… and it feels great!

What have you done in the last year?

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