Last week I went to see AMY, a film of unseen footage put together by the BAFTA-winning team behind SENNA. I waited months to see this film (literally Googling things about it as they were slowly dripped out) and I have to say it was sad to watch.

I had been warned by a few people to make sure I bring tissues, a lot of people had cried during the film, and I can understand why. The film opens with Amy Winehouse in her mid-teens with two of her best friends seemingly care-free and happy. By the end of it you are shown how every day is a battle against the temptation of drugs and alcohol.

 AMY presents the six-time Grammy winner as you’ve never seen her before, but how she deserves to be seen, as a true jazz singer.

AMY film movie poster

 I was sitting in the screening watching the film but remembering how comedians made jokes about her weight, when she suffered from bulimia, and addictions brought on from loving too hard.

But when she died the world lost a real singer – one who wrote her own songs, got nervous when she performed, was down to earth and felt the pain behind her lyrics. The world lost real talent.

When she died there were a lot of rumours about her father being partially to blame for her death; these were slowly swept under the carpet as time went on, then when the film was close to release there were more about how the film showed her dad, Mitch, badly. I can see why.

As it’s made up of footage that hasn’t been seen and isn’t manipulated, with voice over interviews from friends and family, what you see is literally what you get. And it isn’t pretty.

AMY  tells the story of “The Girl Behind the Name” before the fame and the drugs and through her battle with fame and life until she died from alcohol poisoning at just 27-years-old, in July 2011.

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