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I say Fitbit Flex Review but in reality this post is more about how having a Fitbit finally got me to stop being so lazy after just an hour.

I don’t know about anyone else, but, health and fitness has never been my strong point. I think the problem is that I’m far too lazy to actually go out of my way and get to the gym or even attempt to jog. (In fact, I know this to be the case because I remember various phone calls home about me not participating in PE lessons at school and now I have a membership that hasn’t been used in over five months).


I bought a Fitbit Flexa few months ago, on a whim, thinking of it’s primary use as a pedometer. But after using it everyday, it does so much more for me.

There main things that I use my Fitbit Flex to monitor:

Fitbit Flex

For anyone, who, like me wants a stress-free time with things, sleep, steps and exercise is automatically recorded through the Fitbit Flex’s motion sensor. Nice. The rest, such as food and drink, has to be manually inputed (but it doesn’t take long), then after a quick sync, to either the app or to the computer, you’re ready to go again.

 BUT THERE’S A FREE APP… It’s true there is an app for pretty much everything I’ve listed. One of the big differences for me has got to be the visuals. The Fitbit app is brightly coloured and easy to read for anyone who wants to know information quick and see it on one screen. Then whether you want to go into each section in more detail is entirely up to you.

DOES IT WORK? For me, I’m definitely walking a lot more, I set my band to vibrate when I’ve reached a daily goal of 10,000 steps. It really is motivating! By gently tapping it three times, the Fitbit lights up to with little dots to represent an amount of your daily goal. And when you reach it your band vibrates like a little victory shake!

Synced Fitbit

WHAT ABOUT ACCURACY? Steps are very accurate. I have to admit I was hesitant when I first got my band, and when I used my app too sync my it I walked around to see if it was counting each step and it was. 🙂

In order to record steps accurately the Flex needs the stepping motion. This is great if you don’t do cold very well, or at all like me, and you probably want to keep your hands in your pockets through winter because you can wear it on your ankle. It’s also waterproof so you can wear it swimming and in the shower so you don’t forget to put it back on.

SLEEEEEEEP Anyone who goes to bed the wrong side of midnight, like me, and has to wake up and get to work will know losing sleep is a BIG thing. The Fitbit Flex’s sleep mode is perfect for tracking how much beautiful time your head is connected to the pillow. By gently tapping on the Fitbit just before going to sleep, to activate Sleep Mode, and just after I wake up to exit it, the band tracks your sleeping pattern in thorough detail. If you’re thinking you’ve been getting a decent amount of sleep… think again. The Fitbit shows you how long it took you to drift off and how many times you were restless or awake revealing your actual sleep time. Trust me, It’s shocking and also explains why I’m tired even if I do go to bed early.

Another point on the sleep thing: NO ONE LIKES BEING WOKEN UP ABRUPTLY. The Fitbit Flex has a silent alarm feature which you can set to go off whenever you like for a gentle awakening. The alarms can also be used as reminders – I have one that goes off at 7:45pm every evening just so time doesn’t escape me.

BATTERY LIFE Sundays are my chill days so that’s when I usually charge it. It comes with a USB so I tend to just charge it when I’m my Macbook when I’m on it, that’s IF it needs charging. The battery life on this little baby is amazing! I’ve gone two weeks without the power being low, and it has never been off at all.

Definitely a good buy!

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  1. I've got one of these! it really helped motivate me and even lost weight! then i got a new watch and stopped wearing my fitbit, so things went a bit south. But i'm going to charge it up again tonight and start using it to monitor my fitness again. Its a great little band!

    • Since I started my new job I've neglected it a bit though (sad times!) but I've set some new sleep goals and have started logging my food and water again and have given up the majority of dairy! But I love how it goes green when you reach a goal on the app it's like it's screaming MOTIVATION! haha xx

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