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I’ve been trying to get around London a lot these days. It’s kind of embarrassing when someone says ‘You’re a Londoner you must know how to get…’ Nope I really don’t. So I’ve dedicated the nice weather (yep, all of it) to attempting to cram in as much touristy things as possible.

I’m a South West London girl so I thought I’d start in the part I know best!

Located near Sloane Square station, on King’s Road, (that’s SW3 boys and girls) the Saatchi Gallery is readily becoming a frequently visited place of mine. I’ve been back a couple of times just to buy wooden postcards to frame for me ‘Wall of Inspiration’.

 Here are a few of my favourite snaps:


Politics Urban Art Stories Saatchi Gallery

#urbanartstories at the Saatchi Gallery

Boris Nzebo at the Saatchi Gallery

'I can't breathe' Saatchi Gallery

Eddy Ilunga Kamuanga at the Saatchi Gallery

Pure Evil at the Saatchi Gallery

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