Why hello again

It’s quite literally almost the middle of July and I must admit I have been quite neglectful of my blog for the past few weeks.

So what’s happened since my last post? Well:

1/ I got a new job
It’s in Central London, for a media agency where I have to look at people’s blogs all day. It sounds good doesn’t it, but there is one down side – I have blog envy.

There are so many amazing blogs that I’ve seen. But my jealousy has made me more determined and persistent with mine. So I’m bacccck.

2/ A complete tube strike. Thanks to London Underground, I’ve never seen so many people fighting over spaces for their Boris Bikes at Waterloo station. I also came to the conclusion that 99% of Londoners naturally form a queue when they’re waiting for something (like all the people waiting at the back of Waterloo station on the Thursday morning for buses).

3/ Got a new blog layout and I’m loving it! After searching high and low, experimenting with various templates, and changing the layout every other week. I finally found one that I’m in love with. About time too.

4/ The weather has been amazing!British weather + amazing = something you’ll rarely hear from me. I can’t believe how hot and sunny it’s been! ☀ Hopefully the weather lasts, but let’s be honest not many people hold much hope for British weather. Drink it in while it’s here.

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