Finding Your Voice

21st August 2015

Most of us have been there, where you’re sitting down just thinking to yourself ‘what am I going to do with my life’. I had this moment a few months ago. Every time I spoke to someone who was middle-aged and had known me from when I was really young, had constantly been asking me […]

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Letter To My Future Self

17th August 2015

Dear Future Me,  Sooo… How’s it going? Are we still happy, inspired and creative? Have we moved out? Do we have a car? What’s new? Tell me all about it! We better still be saving! We don’t want to be working until we’re 65 like the government suggests. That would be horrendous! How far have we […]

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Needing vs Wanting

7th August 2015

I’ve been buying a lot of magazines lately; there’s this little shop on the corner where I work and it has so many magazines it could be a mini WHSmith. A couple of weeks ago, I bought PORTER – Summer Escape 2015, Issue 9, and as I was flicking through the pages, I came across […]

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