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Leighton Denny Expert Nails Set

Anyone who knows me today can tell I have a love for nail varnish, but it wasn’t until I got braces at 16 that I started to grow my nails. Up until that point I had the bad habit of biting them. To be honest, I’m pretty sure the main reason I stopped was because I couldn’t bite them with braces on, and to this day I’m not even sure why I did it. So if you have met me six years that were deemed worthy to be painted. Has it really been six years?!

That’s basically when the nail varnish obsession started. My mum bought me a little Leighton Denny nail kit that included his iconic award-winning Crystal Nail File and then for Christmas my dad bought me a set of Leighton Denny colours. It’s been that way ever since now every Christmas I get another set and occasionally I some birthdays.

I’ve recently rediscovered last year’s Christmas Present (I have to say rediscovered because I had literally forgotten about it) and will be putting it to good use I can tell you.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Set

The reason that I love Leighton Denny products so much is for a few reasons:

• The man puts so much effort into making all of his products as close to perfect as possible – perfect for me would be never-ending in the bottle. He’s also created treatments and nail varnish removers for different types of nails because everyone’s are different

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

• Three words – Crystal Nail File. For anyone who doesn’t know the benefits of using one of these, instead of a normal one, the crystal nail file seals the edges of your nails whilst turning the filed nail to a powdery dust. It also never goes blunt and can be rinsed of to bring it back to its original state. I can’t use nail clippers so this really comes in handy.

• He goes beyond just making high performance nail colours so there’s always something new. When I first had Leighton Denny enter my like it was just a basic kit made up of your nail care necessities. Now I have a variety of products that vary from nails and hands, to feet and lips via fragrance.

Leighton Denny Miracle Mist Spray

Leighton Denny Expert Nails High Performance Nail Colour

 I haven’t even touched on the brilliant colour names; some are relevant to the colour – Make the Boys Wink (pink) and some are fun like ‘Bon Voyage! but there are around 100 to choose from. Even though you don’t need much nail varnish when you’re using it, you wouldn’t believe how fast I can get through a bottle. I change my nail colour every week, with a few touch ups where I’ve lost colour on the tips trying to pick up a piece of paper and successfully left a line of nail could on it instead.

The current total stand stands around the 40 mark (I kid you not), I also have three Crystal Nail Files, two Miracle Mist sprays, Crystal Finish (top coat), Undercover (base coat), 3 pots of nail polish remover that you can stick your fingers into., hand cream, foot cream, buffers… There’s more but even I can’t remember everything I have. My favourite colour so far would have to be Ink Jet (blue), all I can say is Leighton Denny what did I do before you?!

What’s your favourite nail varnish colour called?

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  • Lynn Fancy says:

    I know exactly where you are coming from! I adore his varnish – absolutely love the purples and blues – the man is a nail genius!
    I need to invest in the file!!

    • I agreeee!
      And with the nail file, once you get one you'll never go back! My nails are quite hard so when I go to cut them with nail clippers it's like they shatter 🙁 but with the Can literally file away aimlessly and know that thtey will still come out great 🙂 The blues and purples are my faves too! I like cold colours but every now and then I'll go for a colour pop that leaves me thinking 'why have I not worn this before' x