At the V&A Museum [13th June 2015 – 31st January 2016]

There is a constant buzz around exhibitions and other events across the capital. Whether they’re free, one-offs, paid for or members only, one thing is for certain, us Londoners always have something to look forward to no matter what time of year it is.

At the V&A, exhibitions come thick and fast and are surrounded by publicity in publications such as Time Out London. Since I have been reading my weekly free mag on the tube, there has never been a V&A exhibition that hasn’t been rated highly.

I had been looking forward to Shoes: Pleasure & Pain from some point in April, and I went a couple of weeks after it opened but never got round to saying anything about it. The exhibition presents about 200 pairs of shoes (what I wouldn’t give to have that many shoes and still be in the green with the bank) throughout history and cultures; how fashion has change, and more importantly defined the generations in the process.


It was once said:

But let’s be realistic about this for a second… it would be nice to have a pair of them.

You’re not supposed to take pictures in there but I can safely say there’s everything. Shoes: Pleasure & Pain has it all, from iconic red-soled Christian Louboutins, which are seen everywhere in 2015, to Marilyn Monroe’s white leather Stiletto pumps and from the (impractical, and painful-looking) shoes of status to all the different parts that make up a shoe. It’s a great experience to see how shoes throughout the centuries have captivated people and how some have come back in fashion decades later, whilst others have been made eternal.

What are your favourite shoes?

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