Letter To My Future Self

Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Me,

 Sooo… How’s it going? Are we still happy, inspired and creative? Have we moved out? Do we have a car? What’s new? Tell me all about it!

We better still be saving! We don’t want to be working until we’re 65 like the government suggests. That would be horrendous! How far have we gotten with it now? Let’s see… We’ve recently turned 22, just started the blog, started a new job as a Content Marketing Assistant and are taking driving lessons – it’s all go go go right now. We graduated just over a year ago and have completed Level 1 Digital Design for Print & Web. Next year we will going to New York with Vanessa – a great little adventure for us both.

Are we still enjoying ourselves? I don’t want to feel stuck doing something. Time has gone by so quickly these days I’m almost afraid of not getting to where I want to be. Have we been taking more pictures (and printing them)?. We don’t take enough anymore; there are loads from before we were 11 then they kind of just slowly died out. We currently have a FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera and loving it. Btw our wall of inspiration has been growing as the months go by. How big is it now?

Never forget future self;

LOVE MORE. HATE LESS. Hate is such an ugly word.

KEEP WRITING. You love to write, don’t keep it in – we don’t cope very well with that.

MAKE SURE YOU ENJOY YOURSELF! I know it’s cliché, but life is just far too short.

DRESS SMARTER BUT NOT TOO SMART – don’t get boring on us.

DON’T SIT AND WATCH THE WORLD GO BY. We love little adventures I hope we have many.

Hope we’re well future me

See you soon girl!!!!!!


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