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I was doing my usual rounds in and out of shops (window shopping because it was before payday), when I walked into L’OCCITANE. Now usually they have a sink for you to wash your hands and try some of their soaps, gels and oils but this time when I went in the lady in the shop stopped to ask me whether I would like to come back the following week for a facial and hand massage. As if I was going to say no to that!

I had assumed that I would be one of many but when I went back and found the store empty I was pleasantly surprised. I had the lady’s full attention and she took all the time to talk me through my facial requirements and what products I use/avoid and why. I have sensitive skin (because I’m a sensitive soul) but also get an oily T-zone, so she suggested using Shea facial products.

1) Cleanse

The first step was to clean my face of any make-up, including the hard to budge waterproof ones, and other impurities, like pollution. The Shea Cleansing Oil was gentle enough to go on over the eyes and lips to remove any make-up whilst also being hydrating. I was hesitant – oily skin + oil and all that – but I know you’re meant to use oil to combat oil so I stayed quiet. The lady (I really can’t remember her name!) soaked some cotton wool pads in warm water and applied half a pump onto them. The results were instant and my face automatically had a glow to it. After repeating to ensure my face was completely clean she moved on to the toner.

2)  Tone 

Toning your face after washing it helps to restore your face’s pH Next after washing so up was the Shea Gentle Toner – I love how they put the word gentle on the bottle just in case you doubt you can use it. One pump on a cotton pad is more than enough for it to sink through so you can use both sides. Being alcohol-free it’s also okay to go over the eye area to restore hydration.

3) Moisturise!

In the Shea facial collection there are two types of cream you can use, I opted for the Shea Light Comforting Cream, as it has a thinner consistency, instead of the Rich one, (but was kindly given a sample to try as well). The light option is soft, and creamy, and smooths on to the face gently with ease. The rich is much thicker and feels quite whipped (perfect for the winter months but it’s all about preference).

I hadn’t intended to buy anything until I realised it was pay day so I bought all the facial things. At the end I was also given a gift bag that included a towel, some more samples and a tin of miniatures that included: a Shea Hand Cream, Relaxing Shower Gel and Relaxing Pillow Mist. They smell so good I don’t want to use them.

Bonus – everything smells amazingggg! And for anyone who gets an oily skin my face stayed matte until the next morning which was over 12 hours! So I think I’ve found my new facial faves!

What is your facial routine?

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  1. These products look great. I haven't tried any of their products yet but keep meaning to. You have convinced me to go in and take a look.

    Becky – http://thelifestylebloggeruk.com

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