Welcome to Adulthood

As much as I love reading magazines, and pick them up constantly, it’s getting more difficult to find the time to read them and write up a post around them without going off on an unexpected tangent (then deleting everything to start again).

As children we always talk about how we want to be older, and frequently came out with things like: “I want to be 16 and in college… I can’t wait to be 18 so I can drive… Just wait until I’m 21 and independent!” All the while you have people, who are those ages telling you: “You’ll miss being this age.” But that’s not what you’re thinking. The trivial problems of wanting your own money aren’t followed by how much tax you will pay, looking for a job or getting little sleep. The main thought tends to be: ‘I will have some freedom.’ Little do we realise that growing up actually puts more restrictions one you, and being young meant you were free.

You no longer have the excuse of being young and naive because now you’re an adult who should know better.

Everyone always looks back and thinks “well in hindsight…” And yet it’s so hard to explain to the younger generations that we have literally all been through the same thing. Once you get passed a certain age, a lot of people stop wanting the inevitable; to get older. Now we have bills to worry about on top of everything else. It’s not all bad of course, but as a child you don’t see the daily life of an adult or the things that happen in the background. There are newfound freedoms coupled with new challenges that you wouldn’t have encountered before.

Freedom, and independence, is relative and you never can tell what life will have in store for you until it comes. Live in the moment (but prepare for the future).

Welcome to adulthood.

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