5 Things I Miss About Summer… Already

Summer sun

 I’m a summer baby (July 28th to be precise), and while I complain about heat in my head I’m complaining more about the inconsistency of the weather. 10 years ago if you said it was summer, you would actually be speaking of sunshine (day and night), trying to actually find shade during the day, the constant need for ice lollies and being able to leave you house knowing the weather would be good without a second thought. If this happened in 2015 it would be a sheer miracle.

This year we reached temperatures of 30 degrees, but these were quickly overshadowed with forecasts of rain and storms. Now I actually paid attention in the geography lessons about the weather to understand there needs to be rain after hot days (and I reluctantly admit that’s probably all I can tell you from the six years of that subject). But is British weather so unstable that it can’t handle a minute of summer without having to revert back to its-grey-self?

While it was hot for a second this year I did manage to cram in a few things that go down much better in the sunshine.

1) THORNTONS ICE CREAM. Honeycomb Crunch to be precise. To this day, I’m still not sure about when Thorntons actually bring out their little ice cream stand. I can safely say that when it does make its little appearance, I’m one of the happiest people to see it. It’s my tell-tale thing to let me know summer is on the way, however short-lived it may be. And when it goes you know there’s no chance of feeling heat until the next time you see it (so roll out the winter coats!)

2) NOT HAVING TO USE A SLEEVE FOR MY FRAPPE. My hands are usually cold by themselves, it’s something I’m used to and weirdly I feel uncomfortable when they’re hot. This doesn’t mean I need cold frappe and winter mixing together to make them even more cold.

3) DRESSES, if and when I wear them, they are better without the static from tights.

4) I WENT TO A FEW EXHIBITIONS that I really wanted to see without the need to carry a massive coat, with my big bag or an umbrella so I had my hands free to actually take pictures and notes. That my friends is a serious achievement for me.

Urban Outfitters sunglasses

5) I HAD MY SUNGLASSES ON ME, AND ACTUALLY NEEDED TO USE THEM, FOR THE WHOLE DAY! None of that ‘need them for the morning and then look like a lemon come the afternoon’ business I can assure you.

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