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How do you get over Humpday? By knowing that the next day you’re going to the Ann Summers SS16 Press Day! Sexy Is Back But did it ever really leave?

I had been looking forward to the SS16 collection to this for ages, and after seeing the AW15 collection I had been wondering what direction would the brand go next. Last week I was invited to attend the Press Day and I was not disappointed. Set up in the Cuckoo Club, just off Regent Street, I already knew that it was going to look amazing inside. I didn’t anticipate meeting Bob, the 7ft rabbit who usually lives in Head Office, or him wearing a Netflix & Chill collar.

I literally walked past the club at first and then nearly dropped down the stairs on the way in, but after being greeted by a unicorn’s head above the door, things got much better. The ceiling was covered in white flowers, which made me almost forgot we hadn’t even had Christmas yet, but then I remembered that I could use that as a very good reason to treat myself in the Oxford Street store.

So what’s coming up for SS? Basically everything you could have dreamed of AND more.
Needless to say I want the whole collection, as per usual, (and Bob) but I have to wait until 2016 until it’s officially launched. There’s a new collection of Sexercise gear that means if you’ve been sweating you still look hot! – That’s what I want the most!

And, sticking with the theme from AW, the devil is in the detail and bras are a lot lacier with a lot less padding, keeping them fun and feminine. Of course we can’t forget about the swimwear? There’s a lot more bright colours and little details that enhance the costumes and bikinis whilst also have little or no padding. Ann summers have also continued with their little gift pieces including: a rabbit phone case complete with ears and fluffy tail, Rampant Rabbit iPad Mini case and two little bondage bears.


It may be Christmas in a minute, but trust me, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and it’s only a matter of time before you’re going to need you’re staple V-Day pieces, so keep an eye out and start building your collection now? There’s no time like the present and all that.

What are you favourite SS colours?

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