Finally Trying Gel Nails

United Beauty Gel Touch gel manicure starter kit

 If you don’t know already, I love nail varnish and pretty much anything to do with my nails. If you saw my nails and nothing else about me you would probably even think I have my ish together. So when I met United Beauty when they were introducing the Gel Touch* nails at an event I definitely had some questions to ask.

For as long as gel nails, and nail varnishes, have been a trend I’ve never gone out of my way to try it. Partially because I have so many nail varnishes I tend to change it so often I don’t need it to last super long, but also because other than washing up and cleaning when I need to it doesn’t tend to chip. Still, my curiosity had spiked and before I knew it I was fully immersed in conversation.

 My nails are quite hard, so hard in fact they don’t actually bend, and if I use nail clippers they would actually shatter (and if I catch it on something there’s always a risk that it would no doubt be broken when I looked at it. Surprisingly though, when I told this to the Gel Touch lady she said that the product would probably be beneficial to me as an extra thick barrier to help prevent breaking (and as for making my long lasting colour las even longer? Well that would just be an added bonus).

A few weeks later a little package turns up at my door and inside is a Gel Touch starter kit; which includes an LED lamp, 8ml Gel Touch Top Coat and Cleansing Wipes. It’s simple enough to use, and can go over any colour you have already to make it all but bullet-proof. I’m happy to say that the product stood the test of time and my nails remain un-chipped for two weeks!

United Beauty Gel Touch gel nail varnish, LED lamp and cleansing wipe

The kit includes: The problem was that when I was trying to take it off I had 0 idea about what I was doing! There was no instructions in the box and the outside just said “soak/peel” which wasn’t really helpful for someone like me who had never actually used gel nail varnish before. (This is when I picked up my iPad to get on to YouTube – YouTube never lets me down!) After finding that I had to soak my fingers in acetone – something I should have probably checked BEFORE – I don’t think I’ll be using gel nail varnish again as removing it took far too long for my patience to tolerate. Then when I eventually got it off my nails were so dry. Plus I missed being able to change my colour as often as I like!

What do you think about gel manicures?

*I was gifted the product featured in return for my honest opinion

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