Sweet Treats – Waffles & Ice Cream

My love for waffles doesn’t outweigh my love for chocolate fudge cake, but it’s getting scarily close. You can do so much more with a waffle – they can be light and fluffy, eaten on its own and have sauces, ice cream strawberries or chocolates. Nom. I’m not super greedy, but if I see one I WILL want one too. I love sweet treats! And when I go out for food or a super long shopping trip I always make sure;

1) I go somewhere I know they have a waffles I love.

2) I go somewhere I know I’ll eat too much to go for desert.

3) I go somewhere I know the desserts are rubbish and waffles are not an option.

 Even though warm chocolate fudge cake and vanilla ice cream is usually my go to dessert, I have found myself wanting waffles far more than cake. Nearly anything homemade will taste the best of course but as long as the waffle tastes good, sweet and very veryyyyyy tasty. Just add some chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and I’ll be a very happy bunny indeed. But seeing there’s only a certain amount of places that are around me when sell hot waffles I might have to get baking myself. I just need to find the waffle iron.



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