Christmas Necessities

As Christmas approaches I’ve been looking high and low to find my staple Christmas items, and after careful deliberation I have finallyyyyy managed to narrow it down to my top 6 things.

Glitter Nails

Glitter is a Christmas essential! Glitter on the decs, cards, accessories and most importantly glitter nails. I was given some Gold and Silver nail polish Thant I keep specifically for Christmas but when I received a set of that came with a glittery blue and purple they automatically because my faves, especially because blue is my favourite colour. As long as it has glitter I’m happy to call it Christmassy.


Candles have always been a staple in our house. At first it was fragrance-free tea lights from IKEA that burned under the strongest of oils. Then my mum discovered Yankee Candles in all shapes and sizes, and while we still get tea lights just to fill the room with little flickers of light we don’t have those awful overpowering oils that are only good for making you feel a bit nauseous. I LOVE Yankee Candles their fragrances are so true-to-life you almost forget you’re actually burning a candle. They can fill a whole house so quickly that you don’t even have to burn them for a long time, and when the candle isn’t even lit anymore you can still smell it for ages after.

My favourite Christmassy so far would have to be Berry Trifle I love it’s deep reed colour and it smells so fruity.

Mini decorations

Anything small is cute enough to live in places that can’t always have something. I tend to keep out forever because they’re just too cute to put away. But then you’re seen them all year so you have to get new ones. This year is the Christmas trees have been added been added.

Christmas themed chocolates

You know it’s Christmas when you see a giant Lindt Santa appear in the shop. And the Malteser reindeer, Galaxy Gift for you, brussel sprout chocolates (where the foil makes it look like a sprout or there is a green layer of chocolate to make it super realistic – not sure how I feel about that one), gold coins – of course! – and this year there has been a new love for Cadbury Snowballs… but they were eaten before a picture could be taken

Advent Calendar

Do I even need to explain this one?! The intensity that is built up by having a tangible thing to help you count down the days until the 25th! This year’s advent calendar was L’OOCITANE, and, even though you would expect bath and body products, there were also gift tags, a star cookie cutter, name cards, and star confetti! Well-played L’OCCITANE!

What are your Christmas must-haves?

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