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Three words; I love sleeping. I never actually get to bed as early as I should – you may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter, but when I do eventually shut my eyes, I don’t really want to move again. I’ve heard so many things about what I should and shouldn’t do when it comes to getting ready for bed, but I’ve found a few things that definitely help me get my prefect sleep.

Eye mask and lavender bag 


Most of the time, even though my room is at the back of the house, and out of reach from direct light in the night, I still find the lights from my neighbours garden very disturbing. My new favourite and absolute must have is my Ayten Gasson Liberty Print silk padded eye mask* and matching silk lavender bag*. Literally, all the eye masks I have ever had made my nose itch and left me uncomfortably hot, but the Ayten Gasson eye mask is so soft and remains cool throughout the night. I’ve started leaving the little bag of lavender on top of the eye mask on top of my pillow during the day, and then put it under my pillow when I’m asleep. Lavender is quite possibly one of the only scented flowers I want to have around me. It’s a dominant smell but just breathing it in makes me feel so calm. So when I put the eye mask on I can still smell it and I’m out like a light.

A relaxing shower/bath

Unwinding is the hardest part, especially when you’ve had a busy day. And a hot shower/bath with your favourite soaps is usually the perfect way to start. At this point my mum’s Almond Shower Oil is a great way to go (sorry mum!) She says the smell makes her feel refreshed and calm so I’ve been sneakily using some – but not enough for her to really notice.

Lavender oil


I tend use this when I’m completely exhausted. Like I said when I smell lavender as I sleep I’m usually out pretty quickly and have the most amazing deep sleep, but for when I’m achy or feeling kind of under the weather I like to use this to ensure I have a decent amount of sleep.

A book

Technology is far too distracting (she says as she sits on the tube typing on her phone). It’s all fun and games until you start getting distracted by it and it interrupts your sleep. We’ve probably all done that frantic “where’s my phone” that either wakes you up out your sleep or shocks you out of your sleep first thing when you get up. It’s not fun. But I saw that you should avoid looking at screens when you’re trying to unwind to sleep.  So why not grab a book instead? I’ve found a few that I love at the moment. More on that to come. Chances are it will actually calm your mind down more even though you are actively reading instead of passively scrolling.

You may not be able to get to bed early but you be sure that you’ll have a decent kip.

What do you do to get a good night sleep?

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*I was gifted the set featured

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