Winter Garden* – Peroni Nastro Azzurro Infusions by Simone Caporale for The House of Peroni [1]

Nothing quite screams “winter!” than December, and now that with New Year’s Day fast approaching we will soon be heading back into Spring again. But while we’re still on this side of 2015 (and still very cold) nothing is more appreciated than something to make you warm, right? So what if I said it’s also a cocktail? I know… it’s beautiful!

“Inspired by al fresco autumn gardens, a citrus twist on an iconic warm, winter mulled drink brings a warm embrace to The Residency. Citrus ingredients reflect the harvest of fruit in the garden surrounded by seasonal floral aromas.”

Flavour profile: Peroni, pear, apple,

cinnamon, chamomile pink grapefruit


50ml Peroni Nastro Azzurro

40ml Brandy

20ml Falernum

15ml Lemon

40ml Apple

5ml Sugar

 Garnish: “Cantuccini” italian iconic biscotti placed horizontally on the rim

Glassware: Clay Handled serve

Instructions: Place all ingredients in a pan and mix well, before heating gently until warm to taste. For added flavour and garnish, include diced apples and pears


*Image and recipe from The House of Peroni

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