My 2016 Goals


Nearly every year I make resolutions that I literally never stick to. I always start off with the best of intentions and then slowly slip into my old habits. Creature of habit and all that. Now that 2015 is nearly over I’m going to avoid the typical resolutions that follow the countdown until the New Year and instead give myself some small goals to achieve throughout the year.

For the blog:

Since I’ve actually paid more attention to my social media and blog over the last six months, it’s only right that I continue to show them love and keep them all actively going no matter how difficult or tired I might be. I’m a massive procrastinator so it has literally taken me yearssss to get myself together this much (and considering how much I love a nap this is a big thing for me). I’ve enjoyed every second of it so far, even the late nights writing a blog post, because I know that I’ haven’t given up. And I’m not ready to stop now.

By the end of 2016 I want to… 

– Reach 1000 Twitter followers

– Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin’

– Reach 500 Instagram followers

– Post at least twice a week – start off small and aim high

– Do some more fashion posts I’ve just been way too slack about this

For me:

I usually go down the stereotypical “be more active and healthy, save more, eat better’ route, if I’m honest I shouldn’t. I never stick to it and then this time next year I’ll be sitting thinking about how I never stuck to them and just get myself down. Enough is enough. No more lifestyle changes that aren’t me, if it happens then it happens.

Personal goals for 2016:

– Cut out dairy

– Step out of my comfort zone in something

– Pass that damn theory test! (Bane of my existence)

– Make lunch at home and save some money

It’s all about baby steps right? What are your goals for 2016?

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2 responses to “My 2016 Goals”

  1. AliceMegan says:

    Good luck with your goals
    I passed my theory just before Christmas and I can't even tell you the relief when you do get there!

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