A Bra of Sheer Perfection

When it comes to gorgeous, feminine and lace, I am yet to find a place that does it better than Ann Summers.


The WILLA bra. It’s been a talking point for a long time, and why not? Every time a picture of this beauty has appeared on my Twitter or Instagram feed I wanted to buy it and always hesitated (because of my bank balance) and before you know it, as all good things do, it was sold out in my size. Sad times. But did I let that stop me from getting it? Of course it didn’t. Thank you restock.

With it’s amazing floral print and very subtle cut-outs, the guipure lace bra is beautifully designed to fit any shape and size. There’s is literally no need to feel self-conscious, or have second thoughts about whether you should buy this, if you have your eyes on it. If you stayed up-to-date with the trends in 2015 – it’s actually 2016 how scary is that?! – you would know all about the sexy spin on underwear as outwear. So if you’re feeling super confident this is definitely a must have for a night out.

If there was one thing I had to pick out about the WILLA bra that makes it stand out from the rest, it would be the things that make it fit perfectly – the adjustable straps and the underband, which happens to be perfectly hidden under a flattering longline.

Of course there are matching items available to buy if you’re looking for a complete WILLA collection, but I just went for some black satin shorts because they are so easy and can nicely go with my AS night shirt too.

What do you think of WILLA?

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