A Taste of France for Valentine’s

Paris is the City of Love but it’s not always the easiest thing to book a little getaway for Valentine’s. Yep, the day that happens once a year, and yes, you kind of have to plan for it But if you want to grab you piece of France here’s what you’ll need to do: take a trip to your local supermarket and get it in the form of Gü desserts. Their range comes in packets of two and in a variety of options, although I love a chocolate soufflé and a lemon cheesecake, it’s the tartlets that are the thing to go for.

Chocolate covered strawberries would be amazing but unless the fruits look pretty much perfect I don’t really like to buy them when it’s not their season – I looked for strawberries for three days straight and couldn’t find a single punnet that had deep red strawbs so I’m still on the hunt.

The tartlets* come in 4 temping flavours and I’m yet to get my hands on the Passion Fruit or Lemon Meringue because they’re always sold out! But the Velvety Praline works so well as a sweet substitute to the standard box of chocolates. If you’re after that chocolate fix the Rich Chocolate tartlet is the way to go topped with a Belgian chocolate ganache perfect with some raspberry coulis to make a sweet and sour dream combo!

Add a bottle of Prosecco and you pretty much have the perfect sweet treat for date night. (Thank me later!)

What flavour would you go for?

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*c/o Gü

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