Nail Care for the New Year

Over the Christmas I’ve washed up so many pots, chipped my glittery nail varnish and reapplied it without batting an eyelid about the state of my nails. No more. My nails grow pretty quickly, it’s actually a bit surprising to be honest and I never notice until I somehow manage to scratch myself and bleed, but they are also quite hard.

Some people say this is a good thing like “you should be happy Juanita you have strong nails!” It’s only fun and games if you don’t lift something heavy up in an awkward way, the moment they ‘bend’ they break because there is pretty much 0 flexibility. I also can’t use nail clippers because it splits my nails so I spend endless time filing them when they start getting too long.

Enter my hero products by Barry M.


They have created 3 new nail care products the Super Mani*, the Iron Mani* and the Mani Mask (which is available in Bashful*, a light baby pink, and Birthday Suit*, a creamy nude) all of which only cost £3.99! My favourite is the Super Mani, a clear purple 7-in-1 treatment that does everything you could want it to do and more. As much as I love painting my nails, I am ashamed to say I rarely use a long-lasting nail treatments, I have attempted to go down the nail oil route a few time but it’s not super convenient.


So what do they do?

The Super Mani is a 7-in-1 treatment. It does so many things it’s actually easier to just list it.

1) encourages growth 2) strengthens with Keratin 3) nourishes with Argan Oil 4) promotes shine 5) hydrates with Vitamin E 6) gives a smooth nail surface 7) protects from breakage.

It does a lot doesn’t it?!

The Iron Mani is exactly what it says on the bottle the ‘Ultimate Nail harder’, although it is a base coat, I’ve been wearing it by itself because I’ve taken some time off of colour.

The Mani Mask. Designed to pretty much do everything you would want one little bottle to do for your nails. After wearing a lot of dark colours it’s nice to have some pretty nudes, that nto only hide the slight staining on my nails but also will condition them where I have not.

Oh and the dry matte btw!

Each nail care product is available from Boots and Superdrug from the 20th January so keep your eyes peeled!

Are your nails on top form?


*c/o Barry M

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  • I'll be keeping my eyes open for these!!
    I love doing my nails but really I am TERRIBLE at at-home manicures!! At least a little but of condition and treatment would help 🙂
    Gillian  xx

    • I always do mine before I go to bed (I don't know why I do this…) but all of these dry so quickly so I don't have to worry about waking up the a pillow print. And they're perfect if you break a nail and still want so nail varnish because they don't draw in attention so much x