Why I’m not sad that Christmas is over


Happy New Year everyone! Hand’s up who is sad that Christmas is over… but super excited to be closer to the warmer weather! Between having a natural dislike for the cold, anything associated with feeling it, and having my birthday in Summer I think it’s fair to say which season I prefer out of the two. That’s not why I can’t wait for the warmer months though.

I still think it’s pretty sad that summer was over before it really had a chance to begin in 2015, but now that it’s January we are on the right side of the year to be able to say Summer is on its way! If you saw the 5 things I missed about Summer when the clocks went back, you’ll know I have a love for Thorntons’ Honeycomb Crunch ice cream, and even though I shouldn’t have dairy because it makes me a bit pukey I can’t wait to have that bad boy.

Summer is the only time we can genuinely hope that it’s not going to rain and know that it probably won’t, unless it’s been hot for about 4 days in a row with a cloudless sky in which case you should probably prepare for a storm. But during this time I don’t need a coat, scarf, gloves or umbrella and I can probably just walk out of my house with a the necessities, including sunglasses and a camera! Natural light in winter has that annoying, gloomy grey tinge to it, that always puts me off taking a snap, but not the summer months… just saying… so my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is always at hand, because you just never know.


And in June I’m going to NYC with Vanessa – you know that childhood friend who you’ve known since you were 8, lives down the road and you call her Auntie ‘Auntie’? Yep that’s Vanessa. 10 nights in Manhattan, 4* hotel, down the road from the Empire State Building. Yes we went all out but it will be amazing and so will the weather. I think I can foresee this being the highlight of the year! Oh and my favourite fruits – strawberries and cherries – are in season. I literally have to wait a whole year for these beauties that by the time it’s tuning to autumn again I’ve probably easily consumed several kilos of each.

So even though extreme heat in London is horrible when you have to get on public transport in rush hour and even the British Summer has temperamental weather, I still can’t wait! The countdown is officially on.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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