#BloggersBelowZero at the ICEBAR

So a couple of weeks ago I went to my first event of 2016 and it was at none other than the ICEBAR LONDON you can imagine why the hashtag was #BloggersBelowZero.


I had heard of the ICEBAR but, not only did I not know how to actually get there, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there because of, you know, the sub-zero temperatures. So when Georgina mentioned it I jumped on Twitter to see if Lauren still had spaces to let me come to her event. And of course Georgina was the navigator to get us there, because we both know that my navigation is just a bit shoddy.

We got there just after 6pm, were given a white wrist band so we knew when it was our turn in the ice, and spent a while working out what we wanted to drink because we still had to go to work the next day, before playing it safe and going with orange juice. But once the canapés came out so did the cocktails. 

After mingling for a while with Tanya and Anna and a quick word from the Tom, the lovely Head of Sales and Marketing (who loves everything that Bloggers do!), it was our turn now I dislike being cold but this was literally amazing. I had imagined it to be slightly bluish inside, I guess people really do associate blue with cold but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I saw when I went in there.

It couldn’t have been more different to the restaurant we just walked through. The whole experience was so unique I just can’t even word it, but it felt so surreal! The theme annually so there’s plenty of time to check out how much the ICEBAR ROCKS!


Georgina and I could only last eight out of the 40 minutes that we had in the ice, that included time to take snaps and drinks our delicious mocktails which were served in a glass made of ice! Yes, we are chickens. But we had great fun though! Special thanks to Lauren from Blonde Vision again for organising such an amazing event and to Tom for having us all!


How long could you last in the ICE?

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