Celebrating National Breakfast Week

I’m not really a morning person but even I know that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And for that reason alone, it was pretty important that, once I saw #NationalBreakfastWeek on Twitter that I did my part to show my appreciation and join in. I’ll forever be that person loving the chocolate cereals, it really doesn’t matter how old I am, 12 or 22, I will feel no shame sitting at my desk with a bowl of Coco Pops scrolling through Twitter with the jingle in my head. But when I’m out and about, have the day off, or just have the time I’m more of cooked breakfast kind of gal.

The Breakfast Club

From the first time I went to breakfast club it has been my favourite place to go. Why? Probably because of the vibe – I love the easy-feel it has to it, the food tastes amazing, and the hot chocolate and the chocolate milkshake are both so good! The downside – there just aren’t enough of them! Clapham Junction is probably the closest to me; about 20 minutes away in the car (but there’s never anywhere to park) or by public transport its: a bus, 4 stops on the train and a walk. Well worth it though!

A Cheeky Chocolate Duo 

“I think it’s time for a hot chocolate.” Although I’ve been drinking a lot more fruit teas and leaving the hot chocolates to one side, it’s still always hard to walk past a Costa and just not grab a hot choc. Now that I’ve also been more careful about not excessively consuming a lot of dairy, (especially because I’d rather just eat ice cream if I am going to risk it), I’ve been getting soya instead of normal milk. This is a big thing. The reward – a chocolate muffin, which of course compliments with a hot chocolate.

Saucer & Spritz

So since I’ve started working in Tottenham Court Road I have literally been looking everywhere fora cute little café to have a cheeking little early lunch-brunch in that is out the way, close to work and does a selection of food. I’ve finally found one! Saucer & Spritz does everything from breakfast to cocktails. I. Am. So. Happy! I went for Scrambled Eggs and a Raspberry Lemonade for my first g, but I will be back!

Patisserie Valerie

Now I know they do breakfast all day every day I can definitely see myself spending a lot more time in Patisserie Valerie. I got the full english butttt I’m just not a fan of mushrooms, like at all, so I think I’ll stick to my preferred salmon, scrambled eggs and toast next time. Nom.

What’s your favourite breakfast?

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2 responses to “Celebrating National Breakfast Week”

  1. We have some wonderful breakfast places in York, if you're ever up North! The Pig & Pastry is my real favorite, followed by this great independent coffee place, coffee culture (their cooked breakfasts are unreal!)

    I've never tried Patisserie Valerie for breakfast, but have heard good things! Though I'd probably have to go for cake… even at 9am.

    Bethan | Ethical Entrepreneurship

    • Cake is always the most tempting! Double chocoalate anything always catches my attention but I thinkn I've found a new appreciation for cooked breakfasts that have scrambled eggs x

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