Clear Water Air Max 1; Perfect for Summer


Since the countdown to 2016, I’ve been obsessed with looking for things to help get me through the cold weather, but now that we’re almost in March, I don’t think I’ve been looking forward to summer so much! Not only will I be venturing on my first holiday without my parents, to New York of all places, but I will also get to enjoy some of the simpler things in life. The things that seem so daunting or miserable when it’s cold and wet like going to exhibitions, walking along Southbank, eating summer fruits, drinking chocolate frappes from Pret and wearing my ‘Clear Water’ Air Max 1 trainers!

I’m lucky to be a 5.5 in trainers so I can still fit into junior sizes and get my hands on some amazing trainers for cheaper than the women’s section, and on top of that if I get them from Office I can still use student discount. AWESOME!


 I have been in love with Nike trainers since I was about 8, when my brother bought me some Air Max 90s for Christmas, and I’ve had a pair ever since. It wasn’t until Autumn in 2013 that I bought a pair of Air Max 1s. They make my feet look so tiny and they are superrrrr comfy. Now I never want to be without a pair of those either! These ‘Clear Water’ ones came into my life near the end of 2013 just waiting for a moment of amazing weather and I am so scared to get them dirty that I’ve only worn them three times since buying them. But they still remain my favourites just because they’re so clean and the blue on them reminds me of a Caribbean Sea… Now that I think about it maybe that’s why they have been given the name that they have. How bad is it that I didn’t even notice until I typed that haha.

What is your favourite summer footwear?

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