Getting organised and accessorised

When it comes to getting organised I have always had good intentions, that have slowly turned to procrastinating thoughts within about a week, but this year I’ve started on a serious high. I have taken the organiser that I bought from Paperchase and made it into a content calendar to plan posts, because it was getting to heavy to carry around everywhere. I’ve also topped up my stack of stickers and post it notes to fill it with, which is actually working out really well for me, because the bright colours are so much more fun to look at.

But even though I sold my iPad 2 to get an Mini 2, so I can bring it out with me, I’ve actually failed at this and I only use it when I’m in bed or in my kitchen. So when the lovely lady from Filofax asked me if I would be interested in a case for my iPad there was no way I was going to say no! The whole point of me getting a smaller one was to be able to write whenever inspiration struck or sit somewhere and just mull things over. So far this hasn’t happened. She sent me a Cobalt Blue Pennynridge Tablet case* which was far more amazing than I even knew because it had a clip in case attached to one side of the zip wallet case – to allow for 360 degree rotation that also allows it to stand up (cleverrrrr) – notebook for doodles or scribbles on the other, a pen slot and two elasticated sections perfect for putting some business cards and other loose bits of paper I pick up that I need to use.

It’s such a good case in fact that I have easily just left out my house with it (phone, Oyster card and money inside). But of course I can’t just walk out with it and be content can I? Nope. I definitely had to accessorise. Blue is my favourite colour so, needless to say, I have blue nail varnish, blue nose stud, and blue Dre Beats. I can see how this can sound a bit excessive but because they’re all accessories the impact is not as great to think “wow, that’s a ridiculous a amount of blue”, yes I planned this well.

When you have a good thing you can’t just let it sit there idle now can you?

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*c/o Filofax

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