Why I Have Notebooks Everywhere


 If you read my Getting Organised and Accessorised post you’ll know I recently got a new iPad case that is perfect for carrying around with me, but in frosty weather I hate having my hands out of my pocket, and as much as I hate to say it, it’s not every day that I want to walk around with my beloved iPad.

As a journalist in-the-making, at uni, we were always told to make sure we have a little notebook on us so that we can write down things whenever we needed to, but I never have because once the book is finished it was rendered useless. Filofax have seriously changed the game for me, first with my iPad and now notebooks!

Their pocket-sized lay flat notebooks* is the perfect thing for on the go moments. Not only are they refillable, so I can just buy the pages don’t have to go on a hunt for another colour that I like, but you pull out the pages and reattach them, because there is nothing that annoys me more than trying to rip out a page in a notebook and it just ripping through the the actual paper, or leaving those stupid little bits behind.


We recently got an extension in our house so we have a sofa right next to the patio doors (and away from the distractions of the TV). So this is where I’ve placed one of these perfect little notebooks. I’ve made so many lists just sitting on this sofa with a cup of tea and my feet up.

Perfect chilled Sunday vibes.

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*c/o Filofax

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