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As a generalisation darker colours are usually associated with Winter while lighter/paler colours are easily defined as perfect for Spring. While I love love love my deeper darker nail varnishes, I know that every now and then I need to give my nails a break from them to manage the potential staining left behind.

My nails grow pretty quick, but when they break the do it so low, and although I broke my thumb nail weeks ago, I had managed to use nail glue to keep it from breaking seriously low. Well that was until the beginning of last week. I managed to catch it on my snood and that was it. The trouble was it was still pretty low, so low in fact that it felt weird to text and the tip of my thumb felt weirdly numb. It definitely needed the most serious love.

Elegant Touch has a great range of treatments in the form of Nail Apothecary* – six bottles (of possible nail magic) that help are repair your nails in different ways.

01/ Cuticle Elixir

02/ Cuticle Eliminator

03/ 24KT Gold Ridge Filler

04/ Tough Flex Base Coat

05/ Super-Matte Top Coat

06/ Gel-Effect Top Coat


I’ve found that I’ve mainly used 01 + 03 as a combo, and because I’m one of those try now read later types of people, I hadn’t even noticed that Elegant Touch have gone the extra mile to tell you which combinations work well together and what they do. Turns out I did well with my choice;

01 + 03 For perfectly hydrated, conditioned & smooth nails

02 + 03 For visibly smoother, healthier cuticles and strong healthy nails

03 + 06 For instantly tartified & gorgeous plumped-up nails

04 + 05 For beautifully primed nails with an on-trend matte finish

04 + 06 For a perfectly primed, gorgeously plumed flawless manicure

06 + 03 For a gorgeously smooth & super-glossy plumped-up manicure.

So while the whole range works wonders as a collection, if you don’t have time to give yourself a full mani pamper just grab the combo that is best for your nails. Thank me later.

Which combination would you go for?

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*c/o Elegant Touch

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