The ‘Good Calmer’ candle by The Cocktail Gardener


Have you heard about the Cocktail Gardener? I hadn’t. So from doing a bit of background research I’ve managed to suss out that Lottie Muir is known as the Cocktail Gardener because she created botanical cocktails. Yep it was definitely one of those ‘what it says on the tin moments. Anyways…

When I heard about the candles the Cocktail Gardener had created for Amazon, I definitely had to have one, they just sounded way to good to pass up,  and even though my favourite colour is blue I just couldn’t think of which one I liked more. I ended up with the ‘Good Calmer’* which had notes of apple, mint lemon, elderflower, ginger and vanilla.  You’re probably thinking that a lot in one candle but trust me, it’s not.

I knew that as soon as my mum saw I had a new candle she would either take it, or ask me to burn it in a place she would also be, especially because it had the word calm in the name of it. I opened it at work and the smell was so strong (in a good way!) that it actually seeped through the the packaging and I could smell it through the plastic wrap.

Obviously, I sit next to Georgina, so she was there to witness and smell it too. And funnily enough, even though its fragrance is foody, we both thought it smelled like a spa – the perfect candle to burn and in your room to relax.

This candle gives off such tranquil vibes that I don’t really trust myself not to end up falling asleep while it’s burning. So I opted to put it in the kitchen between the mini lemon tree and the thyme plant on the window sill. Least to say my mum was excited.


It smells amazing! Each Cocktail Gardener candle has 45 hours burn time – which may seem like a lot but trust me it goes far too quick – and is made with 100% natural wax and my ‘Good Calmer’ candle has melted perfectly across which means even after the candle is all burned out (sad times) the jar can still make for a useful container. Smells good and practical? Sounds perfect to me.

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*c/o Amazon

One response to “The ‘Good Calmer’ candle by The Cocktail Gardener”

  1. Elaine G says:

    Oh this sounds amazing. I love how you've described the smell, it really makes me want to smell it. I think i may just have to get one….i love candles.

    Elaine | Some Of My Favourite Things

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