3 things to think about when buying sunglasses

So you know in bright or sunny weather and you’re walking down the street looking damn good, you don’t really want to be squinting because you can’t see now do you? Sunglasses are a fashion statement but they are also an actual necessity and when I say necessity I mean a proper necessity people.

I have five pairs of sunglasses (so far) and although they’re all bought as fashion accessories and statement sunglasses. There’s one thing I always have to check before I buy some – what type of protection they provide. Now a few people that I’ve spoken to have no idea what I meant by this when I’ve said it in the past, so let me explain. Because sunglasses are not just a fashion statement you know. Here’s three things to consider when picking out you sunglasses


So you know about UV rays but did you know that they are broken down into UVA and UVB? As was the case with me, the answer was no and the question pretty much went straight over my head. But instead of getting into all the technicalities just keep an eye out for sunglasses that are labelled as UV 400 because they protect you from 99-100% of UVA and UVB light.


A few of years ago I had no idea that sunglasses even had categories. But they really do mean different things and range from 0-4, but it’s only from category 2 that they can technically be called sunglasses.

Category 2 Provide medium level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.

Category 3 Provide a high level of sun glare reduction and good level of UV protection.

Category 4 Special purpose sunglasses that provide a seriously high level of sun glare and good UV protection.

Most sunglasses are typically around the category 3 mark but it’s always worth double checking to make sure you’re getting the best protection from your sunnies.

To make statement or not

As you can see from my picture I have a little mix of sunglasses going on. My usual pair are the matte black ones in the middle that I bought from Urban Outfitters last year. They’re probably my favourite pair and pretty much follow me everywhere when it’s bright because they go with everything. But you can’t always play it safe now can you?! Sometimes big and bold is the way forward, and oversized lenses are definitely still in, which is why I have other pairs of glasses that shout statement so I can pair them with an easy outfit and they can do all the talking.

Do you have a favourite pair of sunglasses?

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