Manketti Oil hair range by Charlotte Mensah

Since I started using my HEAT-TREAT Cap, every week, I’ve have seen a major improvement in the texture of my hair. I mean it is seriouslyyyy soft, and so easy to use. The only thing is that it’s strictly being used when I wash my hair. Last week I was invited to the debut launch of Charlotte Mensah’s new Manketti Oil hair care collection at her salon on Portobello Road. I got lost on the way (inside Paddington Station of all places) but I managed to get to the salon just in time to see a presentation of the oil on one of the models.


It smelled amazing, and it felt good too. My hair is the kind of hair that needs to have oil pretty much every day otherwise it gets really dry. So when I felt the models hair and how soft it was I definitely wanted to try it in mine. Unfortunately I missed the talk about the matching Manketti Oil Shampoo* and Conditioner*, but that’s nothing that a press release couldn’t fix, and after a quick read of both the products I needed to try them too.  I’ve been using the oil every other day for the past few weeks and it’s definitely made a difference in the texture and shine of my hair, so much so that my mum has started using it too. As for the shampoo and conditioner, they both left my hair feeling much softer (which I had no doubts about) then I put in the Manketti Oil* and used the HEAT-TREAT cap to essentially steam it into my hair.

The results?

Amazing. My hair hasn’t had a shine like this in a very long time and my mum, who is equally as fussy as me has also started using the collection.

Who can use it?

The idea of the product is to provide moisture, softness and shine to Afro, mixed-race and anyone with curls! No one like heavy hair either so the range is designed to achieve all of this with a weightless finish. So if you fall into any of those categories, it will work.

By the way it’s also Paraben, silicone and SLS free!

Where can I find it?

All three products can be bought from

*c/o Charlotte Mensah


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