#NationalStationeryWeek with Paperchase

Stationery is by far a very guilty pleasure of mine. I know I don’t need all those notebooks, I’ll probably never sharpen those pencils, someone will probably “borrow” that pen from me and I’ll never see it again… But I still want it anyway.


Last week Jasmine texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Paperchase’s blogger event to celebrate National Stationery Week (25th April – 1st May) I was hardly going to say no! Not only do I love running into Jasmine but I love stationery so it was an obvious win-win.

I had no idea what to expect for the event but I knew it was going to colourful, fun and full of quirky things only Paperchase could have in stock – I wasn’t disappointed. We were sent around the Flagship Tottenham Court Road Store for 15 minutes and told to take pictures of things that we would love. Surprisingly not an easy task when you pretty much want the whole shop, but I found quite a few things that I wanted/needed above most including a wall of clocks (anyone who knows my sense of time will totally understand why), something that I’ve basically titled ‘The 21st century Mrs Pots and Chips” collection, and an insane amount of wire baskets (which I want all of).

After our time was up we met the lovely Louise from The What Now Blog who divided us into teams and got us busy flat-laying different sets of stationary until our hearts were content. There was only nine of us but we definitely got carried away creating quite a few, but this by far was one of my favourites:

Paperchase is easily one of my favourite stationery shops what’s yours?

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