Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien


For months Georgina and I have been looking for cafes, restaurants, Twitter and Instagram for ideas on where to go out for a sit down brunch/lunch near work (basically scrambled eggs for me and the option of avocados for Georgina). It has taken absolutely agesssssss, but we finally found a place that is perfect, so close to work being just on the corner of Goodge Street and serves everything that we both love – Le Pain Quotidien*!

We tend to go to lunch whenever we feel hungry or are in dire need to get out the office and this time we were just too excited to wait so we went at 12:30 thinking it might be a bit quiet, how wrong we were. There was literally about 3 tables left but luckily for us they had one by the window, perfect for pictures.


After spending a while looking at the menu, I settled on a chorizo and potato frittata, which is pretty much a super thick omelette packed with filling, which came with 2 pieces of bread and some salad, and orange juice. Georgina kept it healthy with a chicken, avocado and feta cheese tartine with a green juice. Quick side note – for anyone who doesn’t know what the hell a tartine is, it’s an open sandwich. We discovered it actually had a real name! Who knew?! Like I said I go for eggs and she loves her avos.

We spent most of the time taking photos of our food and drink, and of course there was a moment where Georgina was standing on the chair attracting the attention of the people outside haha but it was just so hard not too when everything was so bright and colourful! Just as we were about to sit down we got some hot chocolates and when they arrived they were so cute! You know how baristas can get really talented and arty with milk but we never expected mine to come with a teddy bear in it!

But there were also these little tiny jugs of melted chocolate to add if we wanted. At this point, yep you guessed it, the cameras were back in our hands. We spent so long taking pictures that fact that we had been out the office for nearly 40 minutes before we actually ate any food!

Of course we left enough room for a sweet treat, we both just have to have a dessert of some sort in a lives. So after spending a while just staring in the cabinet we decided on strawberry and lemon tarts perfect afternoon treats.


We’ve been to Le Pain Quotidien twice now and I’m 100% sure we’ll be back again because, well, how could we not?! Especially since we’ve both been noticing them when we’re out and about after visiting the one on Goodge Street.

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