Newest additions to the Nail Apothecary range

Do you remember #NailDetoxWeek? For anyone who is looking to keep their nails looking their absolute best, Elegant Touch’s Nail Apothecary range has got some new additions to the family to help you do this! The newest trio come in as numbers 5, 7 and 8 but their official names are Nail Quencher, Nail Armour and Nail Growth, and they retail at £7.95 each.

Nail Quencher*

I was automatically drawn to this one as it’s formulated for dry and brittle nails. And you can never have enough hydration can you? But what I love most about it is the fact that the treatment is actually tinted pink! Now I didn’t actually look very hard at it before I started to use it but on my nails it was clear with a slight pink tint which made my nails look super healthy.

Nail Armour*

So this one is enriched with Keratin, collagen, proteins and vitamins – you know all the good stuff – and is designed to prevent your nails from cracking, peeling or splitting by hardening them over time. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It’s also a tinted formula but has more of a coral-type tone.

Nail Growth*

Salon manicures can be quite harsh on the nails, so what better way to counter that damage than with a salon-strength formula?! Nail Growth provides a protective layer and is full of vitamins that increase collagen and elastin production so your nails have that natural bit of flexibility that they should.

As with the rest of the range you can create your perfect nail care prescription and Elegant Touch have carefully considered what their newest additions will perfectly match with;

05 + 01 For hydrated & beautifully strong nails and cuticles

07 + 06 For super strong and ultra-plumped glossy nails

08 + 02 The ultimate long, strong & beautiful natural nails

Of course you can totally mix and match them though. The entire Nail Apothecary range is available at Boots or online on the Elegant Touch website.

Like I said, my favourite is the Nail Quencher, what do you think yours would be?

*c/o Elegant Touch

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