Those life-long friends

Growing up we always have friends who we class as our best friend but it’s only when we’re ‘older’ do people’s true colours come out. Once you hit a certain age the innocent friendships that you develop become filled with name calling, growing distance and a few scornful looks. But ultimately if you can make it through all of that (and a few shoves) and come out on the other side you probably have a friend for life. Here’s mine – we look all kinds of normal, but sometimes we’re really just not –


We’ve had our ups and downs, our laughs and tears, but if we hadn’t we probably wouldn’t be as close as we are. Every now and then we sit and find ourselves reminiscing on things we’ve done like it was only yesterday, and this happens often. We’ve known each other since we were about 8 and neither of us has forgotten this but we were still surprised when we had our little epiphany about that actually being 15 years.

My mum’s always said “eventually you’ll be able to count friends for life on your fingers” but the realisation of this had never really sunk in until that moment.

Looking back I can’t even remember what the arguments we had in secondary school were about – I’ll have to chalk it up to the teenage years – after that we went our separate ways for a couple of years but ultimately we went full circle to where we started.


We all have that one friend that we share laughs with, each of your families sees the other as part of the furniture and will always offer them a place to stay and someone to talk to if and when they need it. You don’t have to talk to each other every minute of every day if you don’t want to because when you need them, call them or knock on their door they’re there. You think the same, laugh at the same stupid things and will go down the road (past the common where you just visualise can be the setting of many horror films) to bring them your MacBook in the dead of night, and they do the same to return it.

And it definitely takes no effort to convince them that things are a good idea either, so you end up doing some amazing things and experiencing things that you never would have done before (and have a hell of a lot of fun in the process).

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2 responses to “Those life-long friends”

  1. Aww this post was so lovely! Having left uni last year, I really think you can count life long friends on one hand! I realised that me and my oldest friend had been friends for 10 years and that just seems mad.

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    • It's so crazy how the time flies without you realising! I love how even though the amount of people around you goes down so quickly there's always that small few you know you can count on! x

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