Leighton Denny – 11th Hour


It has been a longggggg while since I last panted my nails in a shade of blue that doesn’t match something. So a manicure was well overdue. I’ve been working hard to keep my nails at similar lengths, not too long and not too short either, in good condition and not broken, which is just an everyday struggle if I’m being honest, and in the last 2 days I broke five nails – not too badly though and with abbot of filing they were all the same length.


My mum recently saw the launch for an amazing new nail colour from Leighton Denny and new I would love it – she knows me well. I’m pretty sure you all know that blue is my favourite colour, and even though I do tend to wear more navy blue these days, it’s only because it goes better with day-to-day wear, because in reality I love all shades of blue – I’m not biased. Leighton Denny has always, I repeat, always done my favourite shades of blue and they’re just so versatile!

Up until this day, I’ve always had a tendency to drift towards Inkjet, because it’s all-round a.mazing; so much so that other people have asked me to buy a bottle for them (they clearly know a good thing when they see it). But while Inkjet is as dark as it sounds the 11th Hour is a shimmering bright blue that screams “good vibes only”.

I usually paint my nails in the evening right before I go to sleep, which everyone thinks is mental because I’m bound to smudge it but I’ve totally mastered not getting ‘bed nails’ now, so it’s always a surprise to anyone who sees my nails the next day. On a day where the weather was so dull, grey and gloomy it was definitely the pop of colour that was needed to brighten up the day. I had compliments from my dad as I left the house (even though he said my mum shouldn’t have got me another bottle to add to my 65-strong collection), on the tube by a random woman, at Blink Brow Bar when I was getting my eyebrows done at lunch, then on the bus on the way back up to work and finally at Pret, where I got so chatty with the barista about chocolate that she gave me my Frappe on the house!

11th Hour definitely brought me some luck I think.




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