Christmas in July part one – #SainsburysChristmas


(The gingerbread man I decorated then forgot and left behind!)

Is it July? Yes.

Are we pretty much half way through the year? Yes.

And does everyone pretty much remember Christmas in 2015 like it was only yesterday? Yes.

But when did forward thinking ever hurt anybody?

Other than having my birthday in July, there’s nothing I enjoy more than having Christmas in it too. Usually I’m one of those people that are forever giving daggers to the first person who starts the “only ___ days until Christmas guys!” countdown, so I not even going to, but this year I’m attending a few Christmas in July events to get me all psyched up for the actual day later this year… and start planning presents because I’m seriously disorganised.

First up is Sainsbury’s. Well technically this happened in June – look at Sainbury’s getting all organised and ahead of the game – needless to say it set the standard. The event took place in Somerset House in the Portico Rooms and literally had a bit of everything in each of the rooms. The majority of the food was in the main room and divided into clear sections so everything has its own bit and nothing was compromised. I walked in and instantly to my right to find all the pretty Christmas bouquets with their glittery petals and silver pine cones, and turned round to find a whole corner for special diets. I know too much dairy makes me ill, and I shouldn’t eat gluten if it can be avoided, but there is never a large selection of foods that I feel look and taste amazing so I usually just eat the normal stuff but Sainsbury’s have definitely set the bar for me now. They’ve expended their range Free From products and have added in a few new extras, one of which is the Deliciously Free From Chocolate Iced Dessert which is made from rich chocolate and coconut milk. Now I really dislike coconut and have done since I was about 7, after vividly remembering the day I threw up after eating a Bounty, but you can seriously not taste the coconut flavour at all, and you wouldn’t know that it was wheat, gluten and dairy free either.



The rest of the rooms were equally filled with amazing little Christmas bits that basically mean that I’m going to spend a lot of time, and money, in Sainsbury’s this year, especially on the party food and biscuits. I don’t have a picture of either of these things because I was too busy stuffing my face with them instead of taking blog photos, you’ll just have to trust me when I say they were all delicious and totally worth the money! So keep your eyes peeled for them hitting your nearest store later this year. As well as all the other quirky themed things that are going to make you Christmas compete right down to the robin print tea towel, marshmallow snowman biscuits and amazing beetroot smoked salmon.



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