Christmas in July part two – Not on the High Street, M&S and John Lewis

Last week was a big week for Christmas in July there were literally press days all week with at one point up to five in a day! Because I was working I wasn’t able to get to all of the ones I wanted to, but I did manage to get to a few for some retailers that I love!


First up is Not On The High Street. 

This has always been one of the favourite places to go when I’m looking for most of the quirky gift ideas, and this year I’ve spotted a few things that would be awesome to put in the house for Christmas this year. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by the sassiest door mat saying ‘WELCOME AT MINE IF YOU BRING MULLED WINE’, which makes perfect sense seeing as we’re talking about Christmas.

I made my way through the rest of the showcase and was immediately drawn to anything with a phrase on it, just because they made me have a little giggle to myself. And as always NOTHS was full of personalised gifts, many of which I just wanted to buy and keep for myself. Because that’s what you do with all the good stuff isn’t it? I even left with a cute little flamingo tree decoration with my name on it – gotta love that personalisation!

John Lewis.

In my eyes, John Lewis officially have won the battle of the Christmas adverts for a couple of years running and what they have coming up this year in store is certainly setting them up for a good start for Christmas. There was definitely a Christmas feel going on and it didn’t take me long to forget that it was hot outside.

There were so many things that I wanted from John Lewis that I can’t even begin to start. The one thing I will mention is that I’m seriously looking forward to the launch of Hush in September! It’s only going into a few stores though – Oxford Street, Peter Jones and Birmingham – but I’ve been told that it’s available online so that’s okay with me.

Finally Marks and Spencer

When it comes to M&S I definitely know what the standard is, (after all I worked there for nearly two years through uni and have done three Christmas stints there – the horror). As always the food was laid out in the prettiest way and exactly how everyone imagines their table to look on Christmas Day. I’m still yet to see anyone with a table as big as the M&S press day one.

I think because I have worked there and have been the person running around looking for things the Marks and Sparks Christmas charm doesn’t quite have the same effect on me as it does with other people. Of course, everything is pretty and taste delicious but I already know what my favourite things are, have of it is going to be chocolate biscuits that my mum is going to try and stop me eating.

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