Leighton Denny – Little Thief


As you’ve probably noticed I love love love painting my nails.

After taking the time to actually go through my nail varnish collection the other day, working out how much I actually have and what needs to go, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to pick out one colour and use it for a whole month.

Although, this is going to be my August colour I’ve decided to start using it early because it’s such a little gem, and I just couldn’t contain myself. Now, before I was anywhere close to being organised in the nail department I had all the things for my nails scattered in loads of little bags as well as my massive manicure case – talk about poor organisation. I found myself using the same colours over and over and forgetting all the other ones I had.

Now usually I don’t wear anything close to nude unless it’s a conditioning product, but this time I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone. During my clearing/organising/discovering I found a pretty pink in the form of Little Thief (which I put on Wednesday evening, because on Wednesdays we wear pink).

Usually darker bolder colours is where I live but there’s something I find uniquely pretty and interesting about this shade. After only having it on my nails for two days I’ve found myself admiring the colour on multiple occasions. It’s definitely an understated colour that can still turn heads.

Well I guess they do say simplicity is key… Whoever they are…


Now I usually get a set of LD for my birthday, so this year I’ve put together a set for one of you guys. So, if you love your nails and nail colours as much as I do, I suggest you check it out!

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