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When it came to packing for my holiday I thought I had everything I could need and had every intention of bring a nail kit with me but it seems I wasn’t as on top of my game as I thought I was. My aim was to bring my new Leighton Denny nail varnish but it was pretty inevitable that I was going to either going to forget the nail polish remover or the actual bottle… Low and behold, I forgot both – typical. So while I was out in New York we had to make a pit stop into one of the 24 hour pharmacies for when, not if, I chipped or broke a nail.


I was on the hunt for a specific shade of purple that would stand out despite what outfit I wore, or what we were going to do. I didn’t want to spend more than about $8 (after tax) because it was something that I was going to need when I was on holiday but no so much when I was back in England. After plenty of walking around and having a look around a few shops I settled on a few bottles out of one of the 24 hour pharmacies that was close to the hotel. Me being me, I had initially picked up four shades of blue from a few different brands but none of them were really screaming to me. It took a further 10 minutes of thorough looking before coming across the shade of purple I was looking for and I was seriously happy when I did.

Once again, I got an array of compliments about my eye-catching nails to which I always said thank you, knowing I had chosen an amazing colour too.

Now as I said before I wasn’t as prepared as I’d have liked to be which meant that I had no nail varnish remover or base coat either and I thought that wouldn’t make a difference. I was wrong. I found a nail varnish remover in the same pharmacy I got the nail colour from and it was so watery. The Sinful Colors nail varnish went from shiny to dull in a couple of days, and although it didn’t chip for about four I still had to go over the very edge of the tips wear it had rubbed off. The other struggle was removing it. It has literally stained the underneath of my nails purple so I’m going to have to wait until that grows out – sigh – no naked nails for a while I think. But it’s still in perfect condition on my toes which is always a plus saving on that pedicure time!

Pretty colour but a lot of drama.


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