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I’m a total sucker when it comes to something shiny. It’s got to the point where my parents have actually called me a magpie and that’s completely fine with me because I’ll be the first person to admit that my first reaction is “Ooo shiny!” I think I must have looked at the Pia website every other day for about three weeks before realising I was in love with pretty much everything, and after seeing some of the AW16 collection here are the top five pieces that I love the most.


1) Howlite Triangle Studs £30

I love everything about these earrings… the shape, the colour, the name, the fact that they’re sterling silver…

I could see the patterning on them from the image so I assumed that’s what the Howlite was, but after a quick search on the interweb I found confirmation that it’s a naturally white with fine grey marbling (just in case anyone else was wondering).

They’re about 12mm across which means they’re definitely going to catch someone’s eye and to be honest they’re just so pretty.

2) 9ct Gold Love Knot Ring £55

As with most of my hand candy rings, simplicity is key, but I always want them to have a little detail that still makes them stand out. Although I am a huge fan of silver rings what I like most about this Gold Love Knot Ring is the simple detail and the fact that the knot and the ring in the same piece of metal and completely continuous.

3) Sterling Silver Cleopatra Hammered Textured Necklace £320

Even though I love my hand candy to be simple I do love a statement necklace, I also love the idea of Cleopatra and most things in relation to Egypt, which is probably why I can sit and watch endless documentaries about ancient Egypt, so it’s no wonder that something called Cleopatra Hammered Textured Necklace caught my eye. I know it’s £320 but you have to admit it is a beaut.

4) Amazonite & Silver Necklace £100

So Amazonite is a natural stone which means your actual piece of jewellery could look completely different to the actual picture! Now this I love because it means no one is going to get the same item in the same colour variation. Talk about one of a kind! It’s also sterling silver and has an adjustable clasp, up to 52cm, depending on how long you prefer to wear it.

5) Red and Green Crystal Clutch Bag with Rose Gold Clasp £90 each
So you know what I said about my first reaction? That is exactly what happened when I came across these bags. I am in full love with the green both of the just scream Wizard of Oz Emerald City and Ruby Slippers at me. Can you imagine a little black dress, black shoes, rose gold jewellery and one of these bags?!

Everything except the clutch bags are available to buy online already (links included!) and I’m hoping that everything is going to be available still at Christmas. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had sold out but these things are definitely going on my Christmas list!

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Disclaimer: This post contains PR imagery

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