#BloggersFestival 2016


Last month, I was fortunate enough to be able to get my hands on a ticket to my very first Scarlett London event – #BloggersFestival which was held at the incredible Conrad London St. James Hotel in St James Park on the 3rd of September. I had already seen a lot of the pictures, posts and tweets from the previous year and had decided that this year I couldn’t miss the opportunity when it came up. I was not disappointed.

The event

After last year’s event I knew there would be a range of brands for any and every one so when the event had officially started to follow #BloggersFestival on Twitter to get clued up about the brands that were there and who I might possibly bump into. This year exhibiting brands included: jewellerybox, Beverly Hills Formula, 7th Heaven, PNY, Friction Free Shaving, Brodie & Stone World and Alflorex – whom Scarlett has previously announced that she had personally asked to attend in order to raise awareness of IBS.


I’ve never been tested for IBS but after talking to Carmel, the clinical manager, who asked me to describe how those particular foods made me feel she recommended that I’d take 1 pill a day to see if it helps. And I’m definitely in the business of making myself feel better when I can.

Now I know there are some foods that make me feel bloated and generally all-round rubbish and I normally try to avoid them when I can but sometimes it just can be helped. And these foods do tend to affect my skin so it was a good thing that 7th Heaven were also there with a massive range of face masks to suit all facial issues.

Anyone who know me knows that I have tossing up the pros and cons of teeth whitening for a few years now, with the major downsides being increased sensitivity and the cost – omg the prices in some places are actually eye watering. I have heard some pretty amazing things about charcoal as a whitening product because it lifts stains off your teeth effectively, and is way more affordable than other products out there. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I finally got to the Beverly Hills Formula table and was told that their products whiten without stripping down the enamel and is available in Superdrug. I’m going to be using both the charcoal toothpaste and mouthwash for a while and I’m hoping some visible results – although I know I have to be patient because it’s not going to happen overnight… sad face.

There were so many people, of course the first people I bumped into were Jasmine and Kirsty – I literally saw a hand reaching over me to take a phone and thought “I know this is Jasmine”. I managed to accidentally knock one over with my huge bag, I finallyyyyy got to meet Char – which was seriously overdue, and we had a long giggle with Maryam when it was all over. I’ve already started to try a few of the products that I was lucky enough to receive so those posts will be up soon.



I had an amazing time at #BloggersFestival and I literally cannot wait for the next one!

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  • I went to the Bloggers Ball that Scarlett organised and it was amazing, I'm so gutted that I didn't get to the festival. That charcoal toothpaste sounds incredible – I'm going to have to scout that out for sure next time I head into Superdrug

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    • I'm devastated that I didn't get to go to the Bloggers Ball haha! But I feel better now that I've attended at least one of Scarlett's events this year. The toothpaste works wonders – it's still weird to me that it's black though x

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