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Since #BloggersFestival, I’ve found myself constantly scanning the jewellerybox website looking at all the cute items so you can imagine how happy I was when Jasmine asked if I wanted to come to the launch event for their new range – Karma Moments.


The event space was perfect to showcase the new collection, which is sterling silver by the way, with its bright white walls and little ledges everywhere was a photo moment. I’m sure I’ve said before in one of my previous posts how much I love shiny things; I was literally in my element as soon as I walked through the door! So taking loads of photos just couldn’t be helped.

I knew I was going to be able to preview the entire collection but what I didn’t count on was making my own jewellery and a table full of pick ‘n’ mix! Now I don’t think it’s something I would be able to do as a profession – merely because I don’t have the patience to make large quantities – but there was something oddly satisfying about putting together my own necklace and then being able to wear it after.

The Karma Moments range itself is designed to capture a special moment or milestone in your life and every piece has a circle which illustrates framing the moment the event was captured. Available from £28, it’s definitely a great gift for anyone you care about and can even be personalised to make it even more unique and special. I’m not sure anyone has noticed, but there is a lot of jewellery that is seriously overpriced so having the ability to personalise sterling silver at an affordable price is a massive win, wouldn’t you say?

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