Yankee Candle Christmas Holidays

Yankee Candles Christmas 2016 - Festive Cocktail large jar

We have an obscene amount of Yankee Candles in our house – like seriously ridiculous. I don’t even know how it all started but after one came a million and one and I have my mum to blame thank for it.

Every time the seasons change, there are new candle fragrances being launched. Seeing how much I have developed a love the brand, I always want to know about the new fragrances and this year I was lucky enough to preview the new Christmas collection (and of course smell the candles to find out which one’s my favourite btw it’s definitely the Festive Cocktail).
Yankee Candles Christmas 2016 - festive candle holders
So what’s new for 2016?

As well as bringing out a whole range of festive candle holders, there are four key candle fragrances. These come in array sizes from tea lights to large jars that burn for over 100 hours.

Festive Cocktail
As I said before, this one is my favourite. I’m a huge lover of most fruit smelling things (minus banana!) and this candle quite literally ticks every box that would make me want to buy this candle. On first sniff, you get the instant smell of berries but if you take a little bit more time to analyse what you’re actually smelling you can also smell pine from Christmas trees!

Fragrance Notes: Top: Citrus, Cranberry and Blackcurrant Mid: Pine Base: Vanilla
Yankee Candles Christmas 2016 - Macaron Treats large jar

Macaron Treats

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a massive fan of macarons and to be honest I find this candle to smell a bit too sweet for my liking. On the plus side, if you love macarons you can almost taste them when you smell this candle. Exactly what it says on the jar.

Fragrance Notes: Top: Sugar, Mid: Cookie, Almond Base: Vanilla

Star Anise & Orange

For all the liquorice lovers out there, this one’s for you.

Just like with every other Yankee Candle I’ve ever come across the label tells you exactly what you can expect. Fresh orange met with the sweet smell of anise. I’m not a fan of liquorice personally, but even I would burn this in the house!

Fragrance Notes: Top: Juicy Orange, Anise Mandarin Mid: Clove Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla

All is Bright
So the picture on the label and the name of the candle reflect the fragrance perfectly. But how do you smell something called “All is Bright?” – trust me I was wondering the same thing! After smelling the candle I immediately picked up citrus top notes (another one of my favourite candle fragrances).

Fragrance Notes: Top: Grapefruit, Orange Mid: Redcurrant Base: Musk

What I love most about Yankee Candles is that the fragrances are so true to life that it actually makes you stop and think how is it possible to get ‘that’ into a candle jar?! Realistically I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand how it happens but I’m definitely happy that someone worked out how to do it.

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